Zen-SPA best practices


  • The Zen SPA features an unique evnironment based on harmony and serenity. Every guest is welcome and respected and we kindly ask that you show the same attitude towards the spa employees and other guests, who are sharing this unique atmosphere with You.
  • We kindly request you to arrive to a pre-booked treatment 5-10 min in advance in order to adjust yourself for the forthcoming experience. At entering the Zen SPA please check in at the Reception.
  • We advise you to leave jewelry, watches and valuables in the locker room when changing before attending a treatment. Please note that mobile phones are not allowed in Zen SPA. In case You have any questions about dressing we kindly ask you to consult our spa employees. Your privacy and security is granted.
  • In the wardrobe closet You can find slippers, which we kindly ask to leave in the wardrobe laundry basket after usage. Towels can be found at a shelf in the corridor. We kindly ask to you also to leave these in the wardrobe laundry basket after usage.
  • In the event of losing the key of your locker room an extra fee of 10 EUR is charged.
  • In the event of having problems with your health (e.g. chronic diseases, allergies) or certain temporary conditions, expecting a baby etc, please kindly inform the spa employee about it.
  • During the treatment please give feedback to the spa employee, wether it is too cold, too warm, if it hurts somewhere or if you just enjoy the treatment.
  • ZEN SPA does not provide treatments for people who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In this case, ZEN SPA can fine the client based on the value of the treatment. The fine is up to 80% of the price payable for the treatment. If a prepayment is made, ZEN SPA does not have the liability to make a refund.


  • The Zen SPA is located at the ground floor of our hotel and is opened every day from 09:00 till 20:00.
  • As our Zen SPA is small and exclusive and we wish to provide a very personal service to all of our guests, we advise to make reservations in advance.
  • You will ensure receiving desired treatments in case you make reservations prior to your arrival at the hotel.
  • In the event of being late for the treatment, please inform the hotel reception about it. Your treatment will unfortunately be shorter by the amount of time You arrived later.
  • The treatment will automatically be cancelled if You are late more than half of the duration of the treatment.
  • We are happy to welcome all guests in our Zen SPA. For all guests without accommodation we require a pre-payment to guarantee the spa booking. 
  • In case of wishing to change or cancel a treatment, then out of respect for other guests we kindly ask You to inform about that latest 1 day in advance. Otherwise a cancelling fee is applied, which is 80% of the treatment price


  • In order to use the ZenSPA sauna and pool area, an entrance pass needs to be bought from the reception and kept until the end of the visit.
  • Make sure you remain in the sauna area not longer than for the time agreed. The fee for time exceeded is 0,10 EUR pr 1 min. Please observe referring signs and symbols in the sauna and pool area.
  • It is obligatory to take a shower prior and after to using the saunas and the pool. The depth of our pool is 0,90m. Diving into the pool is prohibited
  • Snacks and beverages into sauna can be ordered from the hotel reception. Bringing your own food and beverages is strictly prohibited

Reservations for the sauna can be made throughout the day.

The prices:

12 EUR per 1 hour and 14 EUR per 1,5 hour (not for private use)
40 EUR per 1 hour (for private use for up to 3 persons)