History of the von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn

The von Stackelberg Hotel Talinn has a very interesting history connected with the presence of the von Stackelberg family in Estonia.

The house was commissioned in 1874 by Baron Theophil von Stackelberg and completed the following year. Baron Theophil von Stacklberg and his family lived in the house for 6 years until it was sold to Doctor Johannes Fick in 1881.

The conference facility in the courtyard of the hotel is the former old horse stable of the estate, built at the same time as the rest of the house.

The house was a so-called “city estate”. Various von Stackelbergs had previously also owned such city estates in Tallinn, both in the Upper Town and the Lower Town. Beyond Tallinn, the family owned many more manor houses and estates in various parishes throughout Estonia.